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Winnie’s Picks

Winnie's Picks - Paint by #'s - Beach St A, Monet

Winnie's Picks - Paint by #'s - Beach St A, Monet

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In the summer of 1867, Claude Monet painted The Beach of Sainte Adresse on his visit to his aunt in an affluent suburb in La Havre, France. This paint by numbers by Monet is a very creative piece, as it captures the shifts in weather and lighting of a regular day on the beach.

The seascape features boats sailing in the background, fishermen having conversations on the beach, and a couple relaxing on the shores. You can see how much detail is captured in the beautiful seascape like the deep-toned cloudy skies, the pebbled ivory sand, the fishermen and tourists on the shores of the beach, and the calm waters on the coast.

The faded tones of grey from the cliffs, white from the pebble beach, and blue from the sea mixed in this painting to reveal the appeasing scenery of an afternoon stroll.

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