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Winnie’s Picks

Winnie's Picks - DIY Paint by #'s - Colorful Giraffe

Winnie's Picks - DIY Paint by #'s - Colorful Giraffe

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The Colorful Giraffe paint by number kit is perfect for creative individuals. The kit includes a paintbrush, a set of colorful paints, and a rolled canvas. The vibrant paints will help you create a masterpiece that will be treasured for years to come. The beginner-friendly kit is perfect for the first-time painter. This cute giraffe will add charm to any room.


Using a white acrylic paint pen - here - to cover the numbers so they do not appear through the paint!  (We recommend doing this as you get to that particular spot on your painting.  Allow the paint pen to dry before painting over it with the numbered paint.  Fear not - there is a sheet that has all of the numbers for your canvas in your kit, too, so you can always reference that if you forget the number after you paint over it!!)

Also, wet your paint brush to thin out paints that may have thickened in the paint pots. 

If you would like a canvas stretcher for your masterpiece, check them out here for 16"x16", here for 15"x20", and here for 16"x20"!  These make painting the canvas and preserving them once completed, so much easier!!!

Have so much fun creating your masterpiece!

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