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Salty Rose

Salty Rose - Golden Rose - Oil Cleanser

Salty Rose - Golden Rose - Oil Cleanser

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These are a simple formulation of Rose infused Sunflower Oil (from Sunfox Farm) and Helichrysum infused sesame oil. Always organic.

Have you ever tried oil cleansing? My first piece of advice to people trying to heal there skin is not to buy products from me, but to stop using soap on their face. "Less is more,"is truly key when it comes to the delicate biome that inhabits the surface of our skin. We are taught to sterilize, sanitize and strip away everything CONSTANTLY, when really what our skin needs is support, nourishment, and tender loving care. Over washing actually leads to more oily, acne prone skin, and/or rapid aging and fine lines because it strips away our unique sebum that is created to protect us. Washing your face every morning is doing a huge disservice to all the work your sleeping self did to prep you for the following day.

Oil cleansing is a bit like oil pulling for you face. It is a loving, nightly ritual that gives me the opportunity to massage my face with luscious plant infused oils to draw out blackheads, reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow and take a moment for myself. The oil is then wiped away with a warm damp cloth, and I follow up with toner and oil based serum. Applying oil instead of stripping away assists our bodies to regulate it's oil production so we don't overproduce oil overnight, and leaves our skins biome healthy thriving

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