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Rasa - Elderberry Boost

Rasa - Elderberry Boost

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Time for a boost! Wellderberry is a cardamommy, gingery Immune Tonic that delivers with 10,000 mg of immune powerhouse herbs & 3,000 mg adaptogens per cup. Helps build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system; and stimulate lymphatic & circulatory flow. Delicious, slightly sweet flavor (no sugar!), speckled with calendula flowers.

Elderberry's got your back, so you can move with confidence this season.

“I asked myself: If I was only going to take one supplement this winter, which would be essential?
Which herb would support me and my immune system comprehensively from the most angles?
The answer was clear: Elderberry.”

- Rasa’s Clinical Herbalist, Ben LeVine

As a stress-busting blend, Elderberry Boost Immune Tonic will help your system…

  • Build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system.
  • Balance your stress response, thereby supporting your overall well-being.
  • Stimulate lymphatic & circulatory flow, which supports the immune response.

Welcome to Elderberry Boost: A full-bodied blend to build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system.

Immunity is complex & beautiful, a dance between our bodies & the outer world. This blend supports the many pathways through which immunity protects us; a potent mix of circulatory stimulants* and aromatics complete this powerful tonic.


Inspired by Turkish coffee, this sweet, zesty and gingery blend has a hint of tart. It’s enlivening yet soothing—a cardamomm-y swirl to make your taste-buds sing.


Adaptogenic herbs help support you in releasing stress, helping you tune back into your true self. Some of us on team Rasa find that this alone allows us to put up boundaries when needed, allowing us to preserve energy and make choices from a clearer, more focused headspace. 

Here's what people have been saying:  

"Rasa is the coffee alternative I have been looking for, and, having the Elderberry Boost as part of my routine, not only is tasty, but gives me comfort in knowing I am strengthening my ability to fight off/lessen the impact of illnesses." - Nicole B.

"We tried the elderberry for the first time today. Delicious! These are the best herbal blends I have ever had, and I am so thankful to have something that broke my coffee habit without making me feel like I was “giving something up” (not to mention safe for celiac!). You’re the best!" - Julia H.

"Absolutely love this. Especially if you’re feeling under the weather. Such a great afternoon or evening treat to complement other rasa flavours!!" - Char M. 

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