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Rasa - Dirty

Rasa - Dirty

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Coffee + Adaptogens = the best of both worlds. Our signature 12-herb blend is paired with fair-trade coffee (sourced only from women-owned farms!) for a balanced energy without coffee’s usual side effects (thanks to 1550 mg of adaptogens). Each 8-ounce cup has 35 mg caffeine, or roughly ¼ a regular cup of coffee. With a touch of earthy notes, enjoy this balanced, sweet and chocolatey goodness —without the crash! ☕️

Your daily coffee, now with a hug for your nervous system. Our original Rasa formula blended with organic, fair trade, women-picked coffee. For days when you need a little extra boost, it’s one of our favorite ways to enjoy Rasa. Just another reminder that you’ve got this and we’ve got you.

We love coffee, but sometimes it makes us anxious, jittery, or even gives us an energy crash about an hour later. By combining our adaptogenic Rasa formula with organic, fair-trade coffee, we’re able to nourish our adrenals while getting the energy boost we love.

Dirty Rasa is a more nourishing way to get your daily coffee fix.

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