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Grosche - Marino Glass Water Bottle with Flavor Infuser

Grosche - Marino Glass Water Bottle with Flavor Infuser

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The MARINO fruit and tea infuser is perfect for infusing loose leaf tea, small pieces of fruit, or making cold brew coffee. The Marino has double sided opening bottle with a stainless steel infuser and fine mesh tea strainer. The strainer unscrews at the bottom and you can put your loose leaf, fruit pieces, or coffee directly into the strainer.

The MARINO is made from borosilicate heat-resistant glass which can withstand boiling water for tea infusion. The twist on lid is stainless steel and will keep your drink from spilling. When making cold brew coffee, place 5 tablespoons of coffee in mesh filter and fill with cold water. Leave in the fridge for 24 hours and enjoy. 


* 550ml/18.6 fl. oz capacity 

* Naturally BPA and lead-free

* Easy to hold and carry

* Made of borosilicate, heat- resistant glass  

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