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Gem Lounge Jewelry

Gem Lounge Jewelry - Cork Circle Earrings

Gem Lounge Jewelry - Cork Circle Earrings

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These adorable handcrafted earrings are so lightweight, made of double layer of cork, and finished with recycled sterling silver earwires.

As always, all of our jewelry is made in Maine. These earrings are so light weight that you won't even realize you are wearing them!

 Size: 1.25"

The benefits of cork are endless. But some highlights are: Waterproof Vegan Leather Alternative Hypoallergenic Eco Friendly Product & Packaging

Why Choose Cork? A great "vegan leather" alternative, cork is a 100% sustainable green product.

The cork is stripped from the trees every 9-12 years with no damage to the tree itself and continues to regrow.

Made in United States

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